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A Biokineticist is

Your partner in enhancing your quality of life through purposeful movement. As an integral member of the medical team, they contribute to comprehensive rehabilitation by addressing the entirety of your well-being. Their expertise lies in crafting tailored exercise regimens rooted in scientific principles, ensuring personalized precision. By working with a Biokineticist, you actively diminish the likelihood of encountering hidden clinical ailments, safeguarding your health proactively.

Consult a Biokineticist for tailored assistance across orthopaedic and clinical conditions, as well as wellness goals. Their expertise ensures focused recovery, complements medical treatments, and creates personalized fitness routines, ultimately optimizing your physical well-being.

Our Services

The approach to rehabilitation...

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

  1. Postoperative Rehabilitation
    (ex. Joint replacements, ligament repairs)
  2. Neuromuscular Disorders
  3. Recurring Sport Injuries
  4. Chronic muscular pain or injuries
    (ex. Chronic lower back pain)

Clinical Rehabilitation

  1. Autoimmune Disorders
    (ex. Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  2. Cardiovascular Disease
    (ex. High blood pressure, coronary artery disease)
  3. Metabolic Disorders
    (ex. Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome)
  4. Respiratory Disorders
    (ex. Asthma, pulmonary hypertension)

Wellness Sessions

  1. Sedentary lifestyle
  2. Postural Correction
  3. Weight Management
  4. Fitness Assessments
    (including- Discovery Fitness Assessments)

Sport Massage

  1. Reduce tensions in muscles and spasms 
  2. Improve circulation thus removing lactic acid from muscles 
  3. Increase flexibility 
  4. Decrease neurological excitability

Client Testimonials

My daughter Saajidah, who has Cerebral Palsy, has been seeing Megan for 5 months now. Saajidah has had difficulty walking and body pains due to spasticity and told Megan of her dream to walk with crutches one day. This dream was realized so soon in just 5 months and we are so excited about it. Megan is amazing and has gone the extra mile with Saajidah at every session. We are so grateful to have met and started bio with Megan
- Saajidah
Megan has been treating me for the past year, initially for a torn shoulder tendon (now a thing of the past) but progressed to strengthening core muscles and everything related to pre and post full knee & double hip replacement. She has always been thorough in assessing the problem & very clear in her explanation of the treatment & end goal of the various exercises & ensuring that the end goal is achieved. I have certainly felt the benefit of the sessions - and her laughs along the way!
- Bruce Elliott
I started going to Megan two years ago for two specific problems which were causing a lot of pain. One was my right hip and other, my left shoulder and left upper arm. I had seen an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hips, a year previously and he told me that I needed a hip replacement. Megan slowly and patiently built up the strength in the relevant muscles, especially around my hips, arms and shoulders. Megan is friendly, direct and very professional and with her guidance..
- Laura Wallace

About Us

Our mission is to help individuals achieve remarkable improvements in their conditions, empowering them to lead their best lives.